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Appendix B: ExtraPuTTY License

ExtraPuTTY is based on PuTTY software which is developped by Simon Tatham team's under MIT license (PuTTY's license).

The ExtraPuTTY Licensing Model Version 2.3

ExtraPuTTY is a free software and copyright 2007-2012 Sebastien Blavier.

The ExtraPuTTY executables are distributed under the Earth license as described below :

Do your possible :
  • to respect children
  • to reduce your consumption of energy
  • to respect animals
  • to respect environement
Allowed Activities.
  • anybody (even companies) can use ExtraPuTTY without restriction (even for commercial purposes) and owe nothing to me or anybody else.
  • apart from having to maintain the copyright notice and the licence text in derivative products, anybody (even companies) can use into their own programs and products (even commercial products) and owe nothing to me or anybody else.
Prohibited Activities. You may not:
  • use the Software in any application in which death, personal injury, or severe physical or property damage is a foreseeable consequence of Software use or failure including.
  • download or transfer the Software to: any country prohibited by french laws and regulations; any person or entity prohibited from receiving French exports; or any country which requires an import or use permit for encryption technology.
  • sublicense
  • modify ExtraPuTTY guideline
  • sell ExtraPuTTY

The precise license text, as given in the About box and in the file license in the distribution and affect all ExtraPuTTY version since the 0.28 released.

In particular, there is no warranty and if ExtraPuTTY causes you damage you're on your own, so don't use it if you're unhappy with that.

If you want to provide feedback on this manual or on the ExtraPuTTY tools themselves, see the Feedback page.

[ExtraPuTTY release 0.29 Compile with PuTTY release 0.64]