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Chapter 8: Starting FTPLoader

This chapter provides a general introduction to some more advanced features of FTPLoader.
FTPLoader, the ExtraPuTTY FTP client, is a tool for transferring files between computers without using an SSH connection

Chapter 8.1 : Starting FTPLoader

The usual way to start FTPLoader is from a command prompt. To do this, it will need either to be on your PATH or in your current directory. To add the directory containing PSFTP to your PATH environment variable, type into the console window:

set PATH=C:\path\to\extraputty\directory;%PATH%

FTPLoader has no complex command-line syntax; you just specify a host name and perhaps a user name and path of file to transfert and path on target:

ftploader -fc:\transfert -d/ (creates all subfolder and copy all files to /)

ftploader -fc:\transfert\test.c -d/ (copy test.c to /)

ftploader -gc:\download\* -d/ (download all files present in /)

Alternatively, if you just type ftploader on its own (or double-click the ftploader icon in the Windows GUI), you will see the ftploader prompt, and a message telling you an error occured due to a bad arguments :

ftploader: missing operand
Try 'ftploader --help' for more information

FTPLoader Usage : ftploader <Commands> <Switches>[data]

<Commands> Description
-v explain what is being done (verbose)
--help display this help and exit
--version output version information and exit
<Switches> Description
-t[target] Set the Target name (size 1 - 99)
-m[mode] Set the transfert mode (BINARY or ASCII)
-f[path] Set file or path of files to upload
-g[path] Set local current directory for download
-d[destination] Set the destination of files on target, with option /g dertmine the path of file to download (not recursif)
-u[user] Set the login (size 1 - 99)
-p[password] Set the password (size 1 - 99)

By default, Bynary transfert mode and Anonymous connection is used.
Limitation :
* number of folders : 10000
* number of files : 10000
* size of path : 2048

Report bugs to

[ExtraPuTTY release 0.29 Compile with PuTTY release 0.64]