Commande-line options

In ExtraPuTTY some new command-line options are available, split into 2 part with argument and without:

Format with arguments:

PUTTY_PATH\putty.exe putty_options(*) -option Arg
Example : "C:\putty.exe" -ssh log@ -pw test1 -runlua "c:\lua_.lua"
* : Refer to command line help file for complete description of putty options.


Command-line Definition
-runlua luaFile Run a lua script on startup called luaFile(*)
-startup ScriptName Run a ExtraPuTTY scenario or lua script on startup called ScriptName(*) present in the ExtraPuTTY command file.

(*) : You need double quotes around the luaFile argument if it contains spaces.

Format without argument:

PUTTY_PATH\putty.exe -option
Example : "C:\Program Files\ExtraPuTTY\Bin\putty.exe" -license


Command-line Definition
-serial COMx Start a serial connection on port COMx.(missing of original putty help)
-sessions-reg-to-file convert registry settings to DIR_MODE. This option create 2 sub-directories: Sessions SshHostKeys which containing all the configuration and delete all putty registry keys.
-sessions-file-to-reg backup session settings from DIR_MODE to registry. This option will delete all configuration files (sessions and SshHostKeys).
-license Display the licence in window dialogbox..
-about Display the About in window dialogbox.

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