Personlize ExtraPuTTY's installer

The ExtraPuTTY installer offers the possibility to add some files like your ExtraPuTTY commands file or other.
To do this the file "install.ini" must be present in the same folder that the installer, with the syntax describe below :

Number=x (1)

[FEATURE_y (2)]
Path = "the output path(3)"
LocName = "file(s) to be extracted to the current output path, 
           shall be in the same folder that the installer"
(1) x : represents the total file number
(2) y : represents the number of files (1,2 ...), shall not exceed x
(3) : the installer creates the output path (recursively if necessary), if it does not exist.
Must be a full pathname, usually its can be a predifined path INSTDIR - DESKTOP - WINDIR - SYSDIR - TEMP - DOCUMENTS :
INSTDIR = The installation directory selected with ExtraPuTTY installer.
DESKTOP = The windows desktop directory (usually C:\windows\desktop but detected at runtime).
WINDIR = The windows directory (usually C:\windows or C:\winnt but detected at runtime)
SYSDIR = The windows system directory (usually C:\windows\system or C:\winnt\system32 but detected at runtime)
TEMP = The system temporary directory (usually C:\windows\temp but detected at runtime)
DOCUMENTS = The "My Documents" directory (usually C:\Documents and Settings\Users\My Documents)

Example :

Path = "WINDIR"
LocName = "test_install\test_file.txt"

Path = "c:\testFolder"
LocName = "test_install\test_file1.txt"

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