Logon Script

It is possible to automate some actions depending on what characters are sent by the server and printed to the screen (like docklight ) or send basic commands.
For example it is possible to automate connection on servers. You have to create a simple LUA script ... and so on.

Note : If the session has no prompt login the script do no start, in this case used option No prompt logon.

Example: connection where login and password (or any other text) are sent automatically:

-- Send Login and Password, timeout 

-- Active trace to get back all data

-- read the trace buffer while the text is not found
while true do
-- Read the content of the trace buffer res,value = lua_getdata(); -- check if login: is sent by server if string.match(value,"Welcome") then -- Reset the trace buffer lua_reset_trace(); -- Send ls with CRLF lua_senddata("ls",true); break; end end

Then you just have to set the full path to this file in the Connection/Data tab of the configuration box :


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