lua scripting

The MSVCR80 Installation for Lua 5.1 available with ExtraPutty

It can be in a folder called "Microsoft.VC80.CRT" on the same folder of the executable or it can be installed by the redistributable package provided at "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)" or "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x64)".
To install the packages you will need administrative privileges.
The Visual C++ 2005 used to compile LuaBinaries has the Service Pack 1 applied.
The ExtraPuTTYBinaries executables includes the folder "Microsoft.VC80.CRT" so you can use it in systems that do not have the redistributable package installed and it will not conflict with systems that have the package installed.


- Send Login and Password, timeout 

--Send File

-- Launch rb binary
lua_senddata("rb -y",true);

-- Upload file lua_ymodem_snd("D:\\00_Share\\u-boot.bin");

--Receive File

-- Launch sb binary
lua_senddata("sb -y u-boot.bin",true);

-- Download file in folder 'D:\\00_Share\\' lua_ymodem_rcv("D:\\00_Share\\"); --or -- Download file in putty folder lua_ymodem_rcv(nil); --- update item 3 of status Bar lua_status_bar(3,"My ExtraPuTTY tests")

List of functions available