PuTTY Session Manager

Putty session manager project has been integrated and adapted to ExtraPuTTY.

This tool allows system adminstrators to organise their PuTTY sessions into folders and assign hotkeys to their favourite sessions.
This is designed for MS Windows and requires the .NET 2.0 Runtime.

Original Features :
Organise your sessions into folders
Organise your sessions into folders
Launch folders of sessions simultaneously
Assign Windows hotkeys to your ten favourite sessions
Browse session folders from the system tray
Display sessions in a list
Semi-transparency of sessions window
Does not require any alterations to the existing PuTTY executable
Session Management - available from the tree view or a separate session management window
Export Sessions to registry file, or CSV file
Save New Session using existing session as template
Delete Sessions
Copy Session Attributes - copy all or part of your sesssion settings from one session to many others
Rename Session
Support for launching Pageant with a list of SSH keys
Support for launching FileZilla and WinSCP session from the tree
Check for updates feature
New ExtraPuTTY's Features :
Do not used any more FileHelpers Library
Add the possibility to read/save session from registry or/and file (ExtraPuTTY DIR_MODE) storage.
In options tab General, you can select "File session" , "Regisry Session" or "Both", see screenshot below.
psm_ psm_opt1_ psm_opt2