Status bar in the PuTTY window

The PuTTY window could have a status bar with various information on it. This status bar can be split into 8 parts.All status bar item can be modify from lua script.
LUA script (lua_status_bar() function )

How to ?

Enable or Disable in the ExtraPuTTY/StatusBar tab of the configuration box :


Specific content.

Variable Syntax Description
%ELAPSED_TIME% Display elpased time
%COM_STATE% Display status of connection (connected or offline)
%PROTOCOL% &Display protocol (Telnet,SSh,Raw,Rlogin,Serial,Cygwin
%PORT% Port number or Com port for serial link
%PARITY% Only for Serial : Display parity
%STOPBITS% Only for Serial : Display stop bits
%DATABITS% Only for Serial : Display data bits
%HOSTNAME% Display hostname or ip
%SESSION_NAME% Display current session name
%EXTRAPUTTY_LOG% Display extraputty log (launch lua script ...)
%SESSION_EVENT% Display putty session events
%TFTP% Display TFTP events

Note : All these variables are not available from lua script.



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